What kind of ideas is the City looking for?

    We are trying to advance the the City of Saint Paul's Community-First Public Safety Framework. One of the keys to preventing crime is to identify and improve the spaces and places in our city where it is easy for crimes to occur. The best practice for this public safety is called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Click here for more details on CPTED. Click on a button below for more information on what it means to be safe.

    Designing a safer city starts with your ideas and input. Thank you for joining the conversation!
    Feeling Safe
    Moving Freely
    Seeing Clearly
    Working Together
    Safe Parks
    Safe Streets

    Why should I get involved?

    We want to hear about things that you know would improve your community. Nobody knows your space like you do! This is a chance to speak directly to the City and make your voice heard. The more people contribute, the better decisions we can make to build Saint Paul for all!

    How will my registration benefit me?

    By registering, we will be able to contact you to learn more about your idea and help see it through the process. You will be able to receive updates and stay informed. 

    You are becoming part of an online community. You can get involved in multiple projects and follow projects of your choosing, with the ability to comment on all calls for public input.

    Your registration information helps the City of Saint Paul to make proper decisions based on demographic data provided during registration, which means better targeted consultations and outcomes for the community.

    How will my information be used?

    We are thankful that you are choosing to engage here, and we know how important your privacy is. Please see our privacy policy for details on how we handle the personal information we collect.